Skits About Prayer

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    com/theme/prayerBrowse all Prayer themed resources for the church from the Skit Guys
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    Let Us Pray-Drama Skitwww
    php?NO=6Themes: Prayer, learning how to pray, prayer for healing: Categories: Topical, Life Situations, Christian Living, With God : Summary: When Bobby gets sick, his mom
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    (Skits for five teams of two) Moses In the NileSkit Guys - The Skinny on Prayer - Comedy Videoswww
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    Thine is the Kingdom: A Skit of the Lord's Prayer Upper Elementary – High School (Person): "Our Father, who art in heaven…" (God): Yes? (Person): Who said that?The Way We Pray Video « The Skit Guyshttps://skitguys
    Wouldn’t it be great if God would just physically appear before us and sit and talk face to face? Since He doesn’t, people have managed to
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